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Jim Malloy

Raptor's Revenge

A thrilling, fast-paced, novel, about a heroic privateer who seeks vengeance following the brutal murder of his entire family, from author Jim Malloy

Raptor’s Revenge is a historical novel set in Elizabethan England. The book follows fourteen-year-old Jamey Fallon as he returns home to find his whole family murdered. The only clue left behind is a severed finger with a gold ring attached. Jamey pockets the ring and is determined to find and destroy the nine fingered murderer responsible.

Jamey sets out on a heroic journey across the high seas, as he seeks revenge on the culprit who murdered his entire family. In doing so, Jamey takes command of his own pirate ship, the ‘Raptor,’ and takes on the persona of a pirate ‘El Raptor.’ For over a decade, Jamey and his one-eyed friend sail the Caribbean Sea and hunt down Spanish ships in search of the murderer. When he arrives in Jamaica, Jamey falls in love with Maria, but they are soon captured and turned over to the inquisition. The lovers escape and intercept the killer’s ship. Jamey finally comes face to face his family’s killer, and faces a brutal and bloody duel to the death.

This is a thrilling, fast-paced, novel, jam packed full of action and swashbuckling sea adventures. With a blend of history, mystery, revenge and romance, this book will appeal to those who enjoy historical fiction and pirating adventures.

With well-developed characters, an elaborate plot with plenty of gruesome battles, and numerous twists and turns, the book will keep readers captivated and on the edge of their seats.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A captivating, swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high seas. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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