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Sarah Sparks

The Messiest Monster on Mill Street

Can Max escape from his huge pile of mess?

Max is the messiest monster on Mill Street. He leaves paint on the walls, spills on the floor, crumbs in his fur, and dirt on his nose. Until one day the mess gets out of hand, and the dishes and pants, the socks, and clothes, topple onto Max and swallow him whole. Inside the gunky mess, fuzzy critters and creatures have started to grow. As Max kicks and cries, and tries to climb out of the mess, he promises to clean up if he ever gets out! Finally, he is free and true to his word, Max cleans up the mess, one task at a time. He tidies and scrubs and makes everything sparkly. He soon realises that cleaning is fun and turns it into a game. He promises never to let the house get so messy again, but he is still the messiest monster in the street.

The Messiest Monster on Mill Street is an illustrated picture book by Sarah Sparks about a little monster, who can’t help but make a mess. He loves to have fun, and tidying up is not part of the game. Until one day, the mess gets too much and Max has to do something about it. He works hard to clean up and realises cleaning is not as tough as he thought.

Max is an adorable character and young children will love to read his adventures, as he gets himself into a messy pickle. They will laugh out loud at the gunk and gloop he creates, and the tiny creatures that emerge from every surface. Parents will love this book; they will recognise the messy monster in their own children and hope (fingers crossed!) it will encourage their little ones to clean up their own mess at bedtime.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and funny story about an adorable, but very messy little monster named Max.

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