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Charlene McIver

Off to School in my Wheelie Chair

Leigh’s fun journey to school in his super wheelie chair.

Leigh is off to school in his super wheelie chair. With his four wheels, he zooms down the path, being careful not to ride over any bumps or cracks in the path. He splashes through puddles and tests his strength by spinning his wheels to the top of a hill, before cruising down the other side to reach his school. He scoots through the school gate and up the ramp, before arriving safely in his class.  Leigh meets his friends, and settles down in class, where he is ready, willing, and ABLE to learn.

Off to School in my Wheelie Chair is an illustrated picture book by author Charlene McIver, about Leigh and his adventures in his super wheelie chair. The book follows Leigh’s journey to school one day, as he splashes through puddles, avoids obstacles, climes a strenuous hill and freewheels down the other side in his wheelchair. The book is a positive story about a little boy who doesn’t let his wheelchair get in the way of his life or his learning. His journey to school in his wheelchair is a fun, enjoyable experience, albeit sometimes challenging. He is happy, confident, and included at school, he understands his strengths and he is ready, willing, and ABLE to learn. Leigh’s wheelchair is not a hinderance, but used as a tool to maintain independence. The book will help children who might be in a wheelchair, prepare for their first day at school. It will help other children understand other peoples’ differences and abilities.

Beautifully written in rhyme, with charming illustrations by Winendra Adi, the book delivers an important message of acceptance, inclusion, and friendship.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful picture book about a remarkable young boy with a super wheelie chair and an infectious sense of fun and adventure.

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