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J Paul Rieger Jr


A refreshing and entertaining take on the detective genre.

Clonk! by author J Paul Rieger Jr is a dark detective comedy novel about a group of high school friends and social misfits, who meet at Ignatius High School. The story takes place in Baltimore from the mid-1990s to 2020, and follows the friends journey from graduation through to middle age, as they continue to support one another through good and bad times. The main character, Kev Dixit, joined the Baltimore City Police Force and after several failed attempts, was promoted to Detective. A dedicated family man, and a shrewd but unorthodox cop, Kev is the glue that keeps the friends together. Kev and his detective partner, Dinetta Laurence, are investigating the murder of a local artist in Roland Park. With few clues, the pressure to close the case is intense. Can one of her own paintings solve the mystery of her murder?

Meanwhile, classmates and real estate businessmen Lou Ricciti and Pete Palanzo find themselves embroiled in a fraudulent scheme with some unsavoury characters. Kev is reluctant to get involved, but forced to step in when things get out of hand. Chris Waxley, an actor, who everyone thinks is gay, but isn’t, is helping another classmate, undertaker Brian (the Troll), to stop his meddling parents interfering in his love life, by pretending to be in a relationship with him.  

Clonk! is an exceptional crime detective novel, with a fusion of mystery and dark comedy. The clever juxtapositioning of dark and comedic elements will keep readers thoroughly engaged. Kev Dixit is an endearing crime detective, and the supporting, eccentric cast, adds to the comedic charm. Clonk! captures the essence of lifelong friendships, and the camaraderie and banter amongst the friends brings a sense of warmth and familiarity to the characters. Spanning multiple timelines, the plot unfolds slowly, keeping readers guessing to the very end. Clonk! offers a refreshing and entertaining take on the detective genre.

If you’re a fan of detective stories and enjoy dark humor, you will love this book.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Clonk! captures the essence of lifelong friendships, while delivering a satisfying and unforgettable mystery.

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