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Anthony J Mohr

Every Other Weekend Coming of Age With Two Different Dads

A memoir by Superior Court judge, Anthony J. Mohr, about his life growing up with two dads.


Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age With Two Different Dads, is a moving memoir by Anthony J. Mohr, about his extraordinary life growing up in Hollywood with two dads. Mohr served twenty-six years as a Superior Court judge in California and also served on the California Court of Appeal. Born in 1947, Mohr was the only child of Rita and Gerald Mohr. His father was an award-winning radio star in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and found fame as crime detective, Bill Lance. Mohr recalls happy memories of his childhood in Hollywood, with parties, celebrity friends, and bit-roles on TV. He enjoyed the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life, but his father was largely absent from those early years as he strived to make a name for himself on TV. But his career took a downturn in the 1950s, and he failed to achieve the same level of success on TV. In an attempt to salvage his flailing career, his father moved to Sweden to take a job on a Swedish TV show. He never returned home. Mohr later discovered that his father had an affair with the script writer of the show. His parents divorced and Mohr moved from his half-acre plot in the San Fernando Valley to a small abode in New York City. His mother later re-married wealthy business tycoon, Stanley Dashew. The family moved back to California, Beverly Hills, and Mohr became accustomed to a life of luxury. As Dashew’s business thrived, his father fell on hard times as his career continued to nosedive.


This is a fascinating memoir, told through the eyes of a child growing up during the golden age of Hollywood. During a time when divorce was uncommon and frowned upon, Mohr describes his experience as he moved back and forth between two homes, and tried to find a place for himself and a sense of belonging. Mohr’s father and stepfather were polar opposites. His father: creative, charming, and charismatic, the life and soul of the party. His stepfather: quiet, sensitive, and reserved, a stable force in Mohr’s life. Mohr describes a deep love and affection for both men but grappled with divided loyalties throughout his life.


This is an authentic, well-written, and witty memoir, providing a glimpse into the world of celebrity and old Hollywood, through the eyes of a young boy. The book sensitively depicts the impact of parental separation, which will resonate with many readers.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A heartfelt and absorbing memoir about family breakdown and divorce, told through the eyes of a child growing up during the golden age of Hollywood.

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