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Sarah Lloyd

Emma Murphy and the Ultimate Power

An imaginative and entertaining debut novel by author Sarah Lloyd.

Emma Murphy is a quiet, shy, ordinary girl, but on one extraordinary day at school, her life is turned upside down and changed forever. Her Uncle Rossa unexpectedly turns up at her school, and teleports her to another part of the city, where she meets her Aunt Scarlet and her cousins Jade and Simon. Emma learns that her parents have been arrested and detained by an alien government agency, and that her family has harboured a dark secret for many years. Emma and her family set out to rescue her parents and find shelter in a secret safe house. Emma discovers that her parents are not who she thought they were, and that she is a direct descendant of an alien Queen, with magical, superhuman powers. As Emma comes to terms with her new identity and new powers, she is thrust into battle with the aliens. Will Emma learn how to control her powers and save her family? And will she take up her rightful place as Queen of an alien planet?

Emma Murphy and the Ultimate Power is an imaginative and entertaining chapter book about a young girl who discovers her true identity and is thrown into an extraordinary alien world of wonder and magic. The first book in a series of three, the ‘Ultimate Power’ is a great introduction to science fiction for younger readers. Emma is a relatable and likeable character, who must conquer her fears to save her family and secure her future. Her confidence grows throughout the book, and she transforms from a shy, anxious girl, into a strong, powerful, young woman. A great role model for girls and young women!

I can’t wait to read more about Emma and her alien adventures in the future.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Set in an extraordinary alien world with a strong female protagonist, this is a great introduction to science fiction for younger readers.

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