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Julie Stephens

Mountain Mutts - Joy's Tale

A wonderful tale of friendship, by author Julie Stephens

This is a story about two dogs, named Winter and Spring. The two best friends were inseparable, wherever Winter went, Spring would follow. Winter and Spring loved to play and explore together, until the day Winter sadly passed away, leaving Spring sad, alone and confused. Then one day, a new puppy named Joy arrived in the household. Joy wants lots of attention, but Spring is not interested in the energetic newcomer. She misses her dear friend, Winter. Joy plays and sleeps alone, and waits patiently until Spring is ready to be her friend. Eventually Spring takes notice, and the pair become good friends. Spring teaches the young pup how to climb down the steps, how to cross the river, and how to fetch a stick. Now, Spring and Joy are inseparable, but Winter will never be forgotten.

Mountain Mutts - Joy's Tale by author Julie Stephens is a wonderful picture book for young children, about the friendship and love that exists between dogs. Spring is despondent when her play mate and best friend Winter passes away. She is no longer interested in having fun or making new friends, but all that changes when she meets a lively little pup, named Joy. Joy helps Spring overcome her grief and shows her that there is still lots to live for. This is a poignant story about love and loss, beautifully told through the eyes of adorable dogs. The story deals with complex issues, such as depression and grief, in a way that younger children will understand and can relate to.

The book will appeal to readers who love dogs, and may help those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

The book features beautiful photographs of three wonderful dogs, Winter, Spring and Joy


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A poignant picture book for younger readers about love and loss, beautifully told through the eyes of adorable dogs.

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