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Clara Donis-Girma

Clara and Mr. Milo's Adventures Episode 1 Clara Wanting a Pet

Clara dreams of owning her own pet, by author Clara Donis-Girma

Little Clara loves animals and would very much like a pet of her own. In Episode 1 Clara thinks about all the different ways she could own her own pet, and asks her mom if she could look after a pet that doesn’t have a home. Clara’s mom explains that owning a pet is a big responsibility, as they need feeding, cleaning, walking, and entertaining every day. Clara shows her mom how responsible she is by cleaning her room and helping out with the housework, and promises to take very good care of a pet. Her mom agrees that she is responsible and suggests they go to their local animal shelter to look at all the animals available for pet adoption. Clare is ecstatic and looks forward to her visit to the animal shelter, when finally, she might be able to take home her very own pet.

In Episode 2, Clara goes to the pet shelter and chooses a little orange kitten. In Episode 3 she picks up pet supplies from the store and names the kitten Milo. In Episode 4, she takes the kitten home and in Episode 5, Milo settles into his new home. In Episode 6, Milo has his first visit to the vet, and in Episode 7, Clara celebrates her birthday with Milo and her friends.

Clara and Mr. Milo's Adventures, by author Clara Donis-Girma, is a sweet picture book for younger children. The book introduces the reader to Clara, a little girl who dreams of owning her own pet. This book will help children and families learn the importance of responsible pet ownership and is ideal for anyone considering pet ownership and adoption. The illustrations by Lana Lee are simple, colourful, and delightful. Young children will love the charming main character, Clara, and the super cute Milo, and I’m sure they will look forward to more adventures from the pair in the future.

Star rating: 5 stars

Summary: A sweet picture book with a charming main character and delightful illustrations.

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