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Christine Copeland

Autumn in the Forest - A Seasons in the Forest Book

Author Christine Copeland captures the changing of the season, and the magnificent splendor of autumn.

Autumn is approaching and the forest is changing. There is a chill in the air, the wind is howling, and the leaves and seeds are falling to the ground. The colors are transitioning from luscious greens to wonderful hues of yellow, gold, brown and reds. The animals are preparing for the colder weather. The geese are flying away to warmer climates, the squirrels are gathering nuts and hiding in their nests, and the bears are resting in their lair.

Autumn in the Forest by author Christine Copeland is one in a series of books for younger children about the seasons and the natural world. This is an enchanting picture book, which captures the changing of the season, and the magnificent splendor of autumn. Beautifully written in rhyme, with wonderful rhythm and repetition, this lyrical book sings the sights and sounds of the forest. The rich, vibrant, watercolor illustrations are stunning, and capture the essence of autumn perfectly.

The book will help children learn about the changing of the seasons, how plants and animals prepare for autumn, and the habitats of forest animals. With further information, questions for readers, and suggested activities at the end of the book, the book will encourage further discussion and exploration of nature.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: This is a stunning book, that children and families will treasure forever.

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