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Cynthia Hughes

Live...But LIVE!

Author Cynthia Hughes, tells the story of her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer

In 1987, the author Cynthia Hughes was diagnosed with breast cancer, at thirty-two years old. As a wife and mother of four young children, the diagnosis was devastating for the family, and Cynthia experienced a range of emotions from pride, shame, fear and a feeling of failure. Cynthia was told that surgery was the only solution to sustain her life, and underwent a full mastectomy, followed by two rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She remained strong and positive throughout her treatment, by following her faith and choosing to live her life. Following the treatment, Cynthia was advised not to have another baby, as the increase in oestrogen during pregnancy could cause the cancer to return and the cells to grow rapidly, which would put her life in danger. Thirty-nine months following her surgery, Cynthia fell pregnant and was advised by doctors not to continue the pregnancy. Cynthia ignored the doctor’s advice, followed her faith, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The cancer did not return, and Cynthia later went on to have two more healthy babies, another son and a daughter. Thirty-six years after her cancer diagnosis, Cynthia wrote Live...But LIVE! to document her cancer journey, to share her faith in Yah, to help and support others, and to encourage others to choose life.

Live...But LIVE! Is a beautiful and inspiring memoir from author Cynthia Hughes, telling the story of her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer. Cynthia describes how her faith in Yah got her through this difficult period in her life, and how she chose to live her life, rather than focus on death. Cynthia describes the ten keys that allowed her to experience faith and live her life to the fullest. Cynthia’s story, guidance and keys may help others who are going through difficult times.

This book provides a great record of Cynthia’s journey, which will be treasured by her loved ones for years to come, and will provide comfort, hope and inspiration to others.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautiful and inspiring memoir that will provide comfort, hope and inspiration to others.

Cynthia Hughes
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