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S. Graham


A chilling and frighteningly good horror novel, by author S. Graham.

Becca and Mitch, and their two young boys Connor and Logan, are searching for a new home in Dallas, Texas. Mitch moves frequently with his job and the family have relocated several times over the years. Becca is hoping this next move will be the last, and the family can finally settle down in the Texas country. They think they have found the perfect vacant house, on a community with an outdoor pool, parks, and a golf course. The house is ideal for their growing family, but on the first viewing, Becca senses something isn’t quite right. Nevertheless, the couple sign the papers for 1220 Greenway Close and the family move in shortly after.

Becca and Mitch soon discover that the house is not so perfect after all, and requires a lot of work to make the house safe and bring it up to scratch. But Becca has even greater worries, she feels a presence in the house and witnesses paranormal activity. Mitch is sceptical and offers a rational explanation, but as the paranormal activity escalates, the couple fear for their own safety and the safety of their boys. When Becca and Mitch finally learn the truth about the peculiar house, they discover the house was never vacant, and they have inadvertently disturbed a furious and troubled occupant.

Vacant by S. Graham is a chilling and frighteningly good horror novel, inspired by true life events. The novel is simple, concise, easy to follow, and easy to read. It is a shorter read, at just over 200 pages, and perfect for young adult readers or readers new to this genre. The book is a real page turner and jam packed with action, horror, and suspense. I was gripped throughout, and the twist at the end was a real shocker!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A horror novel, inspired by true life events, jam packed with action, horror, and suspense.

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