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S. C. Eston


Author S. C. Eston depicts a disturbing vision of society that is far too close for comfort.

Set in Prominence City, on the planet Garadia, a prominent researcher at Thrium Laboratories, Detel Scherzel, suddenly disappears. Her profile is deleted from the data-sphere, and she is nowhere to be seen. Her brother, Artenz Scherzel, and sister-in-law, Keidi Rysinger, are frantic with worry. Keidi visits Detel’s laboratory but finds no trace of her existence. Meanwhile, it’s an important day for Artenz, as he launches a new project for his company, BlueTech Data. When Artenz nips out for lunch, enforcers enter his workplace and lock the building down. One of Artenz’s colleagues, Marti Zehron, contacts him and tells him not to return to the office, but to run and hide. The enforcers are searching for Detel, and when they learn that Artenz has left the building, they send out a team to capture him. Following Keidi’s unsuccessful visit to Detel’s laboratory, she visits Detel’s home and finds the place ransacked and destroyed. She decides to infiltrate the buildings security system, but her identity is discovered, and she is also pursued by the enforcers.

Artenz is captured and taken back to BlueTech Data, where he is tortured by the enforcers. Keidi is hiding in Prominence City and, with nowhere else to turn, she seeks the assistance of an old acquaintance, and reporter for the Authentic Banners, Eltaya Ark. Eltaya and her team agree to help Keidi and they travel to the city to rescue Artenz. Artenz is taken to a place of safety, where he learns about Detel’s secret research and her mysterious disappearance. Keidi is lost somewhere in the depths of the underground, with the enforcers in hot pursuit. As Keidi tries to find her way to Artenz, Artenz plans to reveal the truth about his sisters’ research, and bring the aggressors to justice.

Deficiency by author S.C. Eston, is a cleverly crafted science-fiction, dystopian novel, set on the planet Garadia, in the far distant future. Eston depicts a vision of society that is both disturbing and believable. On the surface, Prominence City is immaculate, and its citizens are healthy and law abiding, but the city harbours a dark and dirty secret. The citizens are merely pawns in a corporate game of greed, corruption, and control. It’s a vision of society that is far too close for comfort.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Overall, a cleverly crafted, sharp, and chilling novel, with an intriguing and believable plot.

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