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Louiza Kallona

Louiza Kallona

The Tickling Tale of Smoo

Will siblings Lucy and Ben find one of the worlds ticklers, and restore laughter to the world?

Lucy and Ben McClafferty live in a farmhouse in Fiddle Wood, in the Scottish Borders. Across the world, people are sad and gloomy. No one has laughed, or giggled, or even smiled for many months.  Grandma McClafferty is worried that something bad has happened to Gabel Lylhu (otherwise known as Belly Laugh), an old man who lives in Durness, in the north of Scotland. Gabel is a tickler and has brought laughter to the world, by tickling Smoo with a laughing gull feather for almost 150 years. Smoo is a deep cave hidden out of sight at the very top of Scotland, and one of the ‘armpits of the world’. Grandma McClafferty has an idea. She will take Lucy and Ben to visit Gabel and bring laughter back to the world. Lucy and Ben’s parents would never agree, so she tells them she is taking them on a trip to Loch Ness.

So, Lucy, Ben, Grandma McClafferty and Uncle Patrick travel all the way to Durness, to find Gabel Lylhu’s cottage. They find Gabel sound asleep in his cottage, and when they finally wake him, they discover he has been asleep for four months. They need to take Gabel’s  laughing gull feather to Smoo, and tickle its armpits during a full moon, to restore laughter to the world.  But when the only laughing gull feather is destroyed, Lucy and Ben must go on an epic adventure, to help Gabel find another. Will they find another laughing gull feather? And will they ever restore laughter to the world?

The Tickling Tale of Smoo is a fun, fantasy adventure story, by debut author Louiza Kallona. Full of eccentric characters, amazing adventures, and plenty of magic and mystery, this book will appeal to middle grade readers who enjoy comedy and fantasy fiction.

Louiza Kallona is a creative and entertaining storyteller, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Brilliantly written, with unique characters, an imaginative plot, and lots of humour, this is a laugh-out-loud fantasy adventure not to be missed! 

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