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Hazem Nassar

Hazem Nassar

The Diversity Cube and the Cloud Wizard

An evil wizard causes disharmony amongst the squares on a Rubik’s Cube.

All of the squares on a Rubik’s Cube were different colors, had different names and spoke different languages. For years, the squares lived in peace and harmony with one another. Amongst the squares, six best friends (the ‘Bestest Six’) decided to host an annual festival to celebrate their diversity. They invited the other squares on the cube to join them, and the festival was a success, as each square learned more about their neighbours. But after the festival, one orange square ‘Orong’ made unkind comments about the other squares. An evil wizard named Druff overheard the conversation and decided to spread his hatred, to separate the squares. At the next festival, the squares refused to move, and the wizard cast a spell to freeze the cube. As the Bestest Six try to restore harmony to the cube, a battle ensues with the evil wizard. Can the six best friends defeat the evil wizard? And will harmony ever be restored to the diversity cube?

The Diversity Cube And The Cloud Wizard by author and illustrator Hazem Nassar, is a unique and imaginative picture book for older children about diversity and inclusion. Nassar uses the squares and colours of a simple Rubik’s Cube to show the importance of unity and acceptance of others. The message is delivered in a simple way, that children will easily understand. It’s hard to imagine how an inanimate object will resonate with readers, but through the bright and vivid illustrations, Nassar brings the squares’ characters and story to life. The book will serve as a useful tool to discuss unity and diversity with children.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A unique and imaginative picture book for older children about diversity and inclusion.

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