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Michael Bickel

Michael Bickel

250,000 NOs

From rejection to riches, a memoir by the President / CEO of TableMation Studios, Michael Bickel.

250,000 No’s is a memoir by Michael Bickel, which chronicles his journey from childhood through to adulthood. Bickel describes how he managed to overcome trauma and rejection to establish two successful, digital, companies. Bickel experienced significant loss as a child, when his father died when he was just ten years old. His mother was absent from much of his youth, as she took over the family business and later re-married. Bickel discusses his personal relationships, the highs and the lows, and how he had to cope with two surprise pregnancies.  He discusses with openness and honesty the break-up of his first marriage, which left him heartbroken and nearly bankrupt. He later found companionship and happiness with his second wife, Jeanelle. He documents his education and career, dropping out of college and then reluctantly working for his stepfather in a furniture store for fourteen years. He spent twenty-three years as a sales rep for the Yellow Pages, becoming a top seller and receiving numerous awards. In his fifties, Bickel established TableMation Studios – an ambitious, animated dining experience, and later invested in Proto Hologram, a holographic broadcast and communications company.

Bickel describes how he was deceived by his business associates, and nearly lost everything during the Covid19 pandemic. During his life, Bickel estimates he received 250,000 rejections. But, through sheer hard-graft, ‘irrational persistence,’ and the support of a loving family, he found success later in life. Today, TableMation Studios is in cities all over the world and has sold over two million tickets.

250,000 No’s is a poignant and inspirational memoir by an extraordinary businessman who found success later in life despite facing numerous rejections and setbacks. Bickel refused to give up and worked relentlessly to achieve his dreams. The book offers practical insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders. Bickel shares his personal experiences and wisdom, offering readers a roadmap to achieve long term success.

Overall, a compelling memoir of resilience, adaptability, and perseverance. A must read for anyone interested in TableMation studios, or those seeking motivation and inspiration in personal or professional pursuits.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A poignant and inspirational memoir by an extraordinary businessman who found success later in life.

Michael Bickel
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