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Mark Roeder

Mark Roeder

What We Do Next Really Matters

Author Mark Roeder discusses the global economic, political, environmental, societal and technological challenges that are shaping our world.

The recent Covid19 pandemic has been a giant wake up call for humanity, but the reality is that the earth was already in a poor state of affairs, and our civilisation in a precarious state. How we respond to these challenges in the next few years will have significant implications for the human race and the planet. The choices we make at this critical point in our history and development, really matter. Roeder argues, if we fail to act now, we are likely to face the same fate as the Mayans, Anasazi, Akkadians, Harappa, Romans and other lesser-known civilisations that ignored the warning signs around them.

Roeder questions our fundamental belief systems and explains why a fundamental change in mindset is required to solve the world’s problems. He argues that the pursuit of ‘growth at all costs’ mindset is threatening our very existence. He argues that we need to learn from the pandemic and harness the shock of Covid19, to make fundamental changes in the way we live our lives now, in order to save humanity. The book comprises three parts. Part one (Reflection) explains why humans are often reluctant to face up to difficult truths. Part two (Challenges) takes a critical look at the big challenges our world faces. Part three (Awakening) explores what it will take to put our world on a more sustainable path. Roeder proposes the development of ‘a social contract’, with a set of eight fundamental principles, which together, form the foundation of civil life.

What We Do Next Really Matters by author Mark Roeder is an exceptional book about the global challenges that are shaping our world. What I particularly liked about this book, is that the author proposes a number of radical solutions. He recognises it is a difficult task, and suggests it may need to get worse before it gets better, but ‘Once the ferocious winds die down, we may awaken to a different social landscape than the version we know now. Hopefully, one that is underpinned by a truly sustainable ethos that ensures our survival as a species.’

This is a well-written, thought-provoking book, which will appeal to anyone interested in the future of earth and the human race. It is a timely reminder that each and every one of us must play a part, and collectively we can make a difference. Everyone should read this book. We cannot ignore the warning signs. We have no choice.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An exceptional, well-written, and thought-provoking book that everyone should read. It was a privilege to read and review this book.

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