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Karen K. Brees

Karen K. Brees


The adventures of a female spy during WWII, by author Karen K. Brees


It’s June 1940, and MI6 Agent, Katrin Nissen, a Danish-American Professor of Botany, is sent to Nazi Germany to investigate the disappearance of a missing MI6 operative. Dieter Weiss, a German operative working for the Allies, has gone missing along with a top-secret microfilm believed to be in his possession.  Dieter was last known to be searching for his estranged sister, Kristine Trautmann, a staunch Nazi Party member and a photographer working with Heinrich Himmler, a leading member of the Party. Using her academic research as a cover story, Katrin attends a horticultural conference at the University of Berlin to deliver a research paper, putting her life and reputation at risk. The conference is organised by Heinrich Himmler, to showcase the Nazis' plans to redesign nature and eliminate undesirable plants, aligned to Hitler’s social policies of eugenics.  At the conference, Katrin meets Weiss’ sister and discovers more about the Nazi’s horrific plans. But as Katrin learns of a number of mysterious deaths amongst the university faculty, she soon realises that the Nazi’s aren’t the only ones to fear.


Crosswind: The WWII Adventures of MI6 Agent Katrin Nissen, is an excellent and satisfying World War II spy thriller, by author Karen K. Brees. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and gripping novel about a female spy on a secret mission to solve a mystery for MI6. Set in Berlin during the early days of World War II, the book is extensively researched and historically accurate. While a work of fiction, the novel was inspired by the remarkable stories of the many female spies who risked their lives during World War II. Beautifully written by Brees, the narrative slowly builds tension as it shifts between Katrin’s point of view, and other perspectives.


With a well-developed and authentic character, and a gripping plot with plenty of twists and turns, this book will appeal to readers of historical fiction, espionage and political thrillers.


Star rating: 5 Stars


Summary: An excellent and satisfying World War II spy thriller, about a female agent on a secret mission to solve a mystery for MI6 during World War II.

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