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Gifford MacShane

Gifford MacShane

Rainbow Man

A western historical fiction novel set in the 1880s Arizona Territory.     


1880s, White’s Station Arizona Territory, Adam Donovan rescues Alec Twelve Trees, a native American silversmith after he was robbed, beaten, and dragged along the ground by a horse, by the US Cavalry patrol. The racially motivated attack leaves Alec with life threatening injuries and Adam seeks the assistance of his family and little sister, Irene Donovan. Irene, an accomplished herbalist, treats his wounds and helps to nurse him back to health. Alec and Irene had been best friends since childhood, and during his convalescence Alec realises just how much he loves her. Alec is reluctant to testify against the assailants, but Irene persuades him to reconsider. The attackers are court martialled and are eventually found guilty of the unprovoked attack on Alec.

Alec and the wealthy Navajo Twelve Trees family had always looked after other’s less fortunate and were well respected members of the community. Alec had inherited a fortune from his grandfather but had promised to give most of it away to good causes. As the village reel from the unprovoked racist attack on Alec, the citizens join forces to try and push the army out of White’s Station. As Irene turns nineteen, she is visited by many suitors. Alec is distraught, but unable to declare his love for her, for fear her family will not approve. 

Rainbow Man (Donovan Family Saga Book 3) is a western historical fiction novel by Gifford MacShane, set in the 1880s Arizona Territory. This is the third book in the series, which follows the younger members of the Donovan and Twelve Trees families. The characters are well drawn, believable and engaging. The slow-burn romance between Alec and Irene is beautifully told.

Meticulously researched, and full of historical details, this novel is a fascinating insight into life in the 1800s.  I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, but I could follow the story easily. However, I recommend readers start with the first book, to get the full enjoyment of this series.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An engrossing and unforgettable western romance.

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