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Angela Williams

Angela Williams

Loving Me: After Abuse

Loving yourself after abuse is the path to greater healing.


Loving Me: After Abuse is a heart wrenching but inspiring memoir by Angela Williams that follows her journey towards healing and restoration, following years of childhood abuse. Williams discusses the horrific physical, emotional, and sexual abuse she experienced by her stepfather between the ages of three and seventeen. She describes the pain and trauma she experienced, and the significant impact of the abuse on all facets of her life. The abuse stole her innocence, and ravaged her confidence and self-respect, but it did not destroy her. Williams describes how the abuse made her stronger. Through professional counselling and listening to God, she was able to overcome the pain, trauma, and shame of the abuse, and learnt how to love herself. Divided into ten chapters, Williams describes her own personal journey towards loving herself, her life, and others. I’ve learned that a critical step on this healing journey is to learn to love myself in light of horrific circumstances that taught me to hate myself.” Williams uses her personal experience to help and support other survivors of abuse on their own healing journey. With guidance, such as maintaining good health, positive affirmations, sharing struggles, grounding techniques, seeking professional help, and connecting with a church, Williams hopes to break the cycle of abuse.


Loving Me: After Abuse by Angela Williams is a deeply personal and moving memoir that chronicles Williams journey towards self-love after enduring many years of childhood abuse. This memoir was heart wrenching to read in places, as Williams discusses the abuse she experienced, and the impact this had on her life, including several attempted suicides. While the memoir deals with a difficult subject matter, it does have a positive message that will provide hope and healing to other survivors of childhood abuse.

Loving Me: After Abuse is not just a memoir, but a source of inspiration and hope for anyone on their own journey towards healing.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A deeply personal and moving memoir, which will provide hope and healing to other survivors of childhood abuse.

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